Jason Li, Ph.D., CEO, TenergyJason Li, Ph.D., CEO
For organizations, innovation is key to staying relevant in the market by offering an improved or better version of their products and services for enhanced business growth. If done right, innovation can also lead the organizations to newer markets, which they had never imagined before. For example, when a Southern California-based Consumer Electronics organization approached Fremont-based Tenergy to make their heavy, stationary speakers mobile, they didn’t know that the upgraded product would find usage beyond concerts and help in the rescue operations in high seas.

Over 17 years of partnering with its clients, Tenergy has mastered the science of manufacturing batteries and delivering battery solutions. “We are a comprehensive supplier of power and power electronics in our industry,” says Dr. Jason Li, CEO, Tenergy. “Our mission is to provide innovative clean energy solutions to medical, consumer electronics, power backup and storage, data management, security, smart home and transportation industries.” Tenergy provides rechargeable batteries and battery solutions from design to verification, pilot production, and mass production.

The experience and capability developed in the engineering field is the result of having delivered more than 2,000 projects in different sectors of the industry. As a result, the company has accumulated a substantial amount of engineering design libraries and a robust battery application library. While the engineering design libraries help in the faster design of power solutions, battery application libraries help in manufacturing special purpose, unique designs within the budgetary needs of their clients. Through these libraries, Tenergy gains a competitive edge in delivering power solutions faster and at lower cost than their competitors.

With a strong focus on the mainstream battery chemistry used in the rechargeable battery, Tenergy specializes in Lithium-ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithium iron phosphate to offer improve battery performance that uniquely fits each customer’s application.

Our engineering team utilized the advantage of cutting-edge Lithium-Ion batteries to deliver a smaller, lighter power solution for the speaker

The company has also made advancements in various battery form factors like cylindrical, prismatic, or any other cell shape. This formed the bedrock in the battery upgrade work for the Southern California-based speaker maker. The original speakers were capable of delivering sound to up to 2 miles without compromising the sound quality. Tenergy proposed to reduce the weight and the size of the battery by 60 percent, thereby enabling it to open a much larger market beyond concerts to search and rescue, law enforcement, and ocean liners. “Our engineering team utilized the advantage of cutting edge Lithium Ion batteries to deliver a much smaller, lighter power solution for the speaker,” says Dr. Li. He goes on to say, “The new, enhanced speakers are now deployed in ocean shipments to safeguard the ships from pirates by issuing warnings of incoming suspicious boats, as well as in search and rescue missions.” The speaker maker later reported a 20x expansion to additional markets using the transformed speakers.

With innovative technology and engineering capability, clients of Tenergy have seen a similar transformation in their customer business, giving them the ability to enter into new markets that would otherwise not be possible. The company can mass-produce its products and solutions and delivers the same at a competitive cost structure. And through the partnership with established global contract manufacturers, Tenergy can support their client’s production and logistical needs worldwide. Perhaps this is why the company witnessed huge demand even during the pandemic that exceeded their capacity. Increasing the capacity both at home in its Silicon Valley headquarter as well as worldwide is on the cards to furnish manufacturing, engineering, and logistical support for battery and charger products for its clients.