Andres Bonaita, Sales Director, Falco ElectronicsAndres Bonaita, Sales Director
A shortage of Raw Materials and components can render a manufacturing facility without operational capabilities, and lead to disruption in staff workflow as well as more extended periods of time to deliver finished goods. Started in 1991, as a small manufacturing operation between a US and Mexican company, Falco Electronics has grown by leaps and bounds to become a pioneer in the power electronics manufacturing services and solutions. Originally providing general PC board Mounted components, Falco over the years, has honed its expertise to build complete power module assemblies at cost-effective prices with quick delivery time and comprehensive support to its clients. In 1996, the company made its first move into Asia through a shelter operation for mass production of its PC board-mounted components product range in Shenzhen, China. In 2002 Falco Electronics took over the complete control of a Chinese company in Xiamen, China and became Falco Electronics LTD (Xiamen). “We started with a small factory of 50 people in 1991, and now we employ more than 600 operators in seven different plants in the Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, plus one plant in China and one in India,” elucidates Andres Bonaita, Sales Director at Falco.

A classic winded manufacturer until 2005 that was making general PC board-mounted components, Falco shifted focus to cover a wider array of issues and creating sub-assemblies and larger products, with components tailored to more power such as Chokes, Boosters and Inductors. In a journey of continuous innovation, Falco works with companies from UPS, Solar and Metering to telecommunication and automotive industries in delivering components that allow for non-problematic operations and superior energy-management initiatives. “Our products and product range grew in size substantially, we started adding wire harnesses, mechanical parts, and basically reduce operations for our customers,” says Bonaita.In addition, Falco provides the highest scaled electronic components and products that support a company’s energy consumption using plugin solutions. Instead of having to use multiple parts from various vendors to power a single piece of equipment, Falco’s approach allows companies to piece together its components into a single unit rather than mounting it on third-party manufacturing processes and allow clients to perform fixes in-house way faster.

We started with a small factory of 50 people, and now we have more than 2,200 people between the seven different plants in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, in China and in India.

On a visit to design a component to a client, the team from Falco engaged in a conversation to make the housing of the transformer safer and more compact. Together with the customer, Falco’s team of experts designed all the copper components that overlay the cables along with the plastic bracket assemblies to be as small as a little box and be hidden into a meter easily. “The development and production of this all-encompassing transformer is one of our biggest success stories; even now, we sell more than two and a half million units of this component a year,” expresses Bonaita.

In addition, Falco offers top-notch sales and support to its customers across the globe. Besides the multiple production facilities, the company has engineering and sales offices and third-party logistics warehouses across the US, Europe and Asia. With approximately 200 active clients across the globe, Falco believes that it is critical to offer not just products but to make them available globally through localization of sales and after-market technical support.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the day-to-day activities of its clients from materials to operations, Falco is gearing up the enhancement of its own production and time to market ratio. The power electronics solutions and services provider is turning its attention to expand its Indian facility with an ultra-modern operational schema and also plans to open a second plant at a different location in China. “We want to expand more into the energy management and electric vehicle business, and we are continuously investing and evolving in those areas as key visions of our future years,” concludes Bonaita.